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Fierce Futbol Lions

Fierce Futbol Lions is a non-profit youth soccer club. We have experienced board members and coaches who want to see all our talented athletes succeed on and off the field. We promote good sportsmanship, academic success, good work ethic, build skills, show encouragement, have fun, enhance confidence, team building, and teach all athletes to endure the complexity of the opponent, win or lose. 

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Playing soccer helps kids build valuable life skills; decision making, problem-solving, hard work, communication, confidence, and dedication. Competition teaches the importance of teamwork balanced by good sportsmanship, persistence, self discipline and commitment.  Excellence does not equal winning, it is an attitude. Excellence is a consistent effort of taking kids and making them better on and off the field by holding them accountable for their actions, setting higher standards, and always striving for a players best effort.  As coaches, we need to be a positive influence for our youth as well as good role models. Players will follow at the same level of respect that we demonstrate. 

Heather Carder

Fierce Futbol Lions

Phone: 480-729-3254


Our Platform

  • Development- Coaches are responsible to follow all club standards and curriculum provided by the DOC to implement a safe environment and continue to enhance players skills to reach their full potential. 
  • Competitive Soccer- Our club soccer program runs for about 10 months with optional summer activities at the coaches discretion. Each team will have practices, league games, tournaments and special events throughout the entire season. 
  • Players- Our club players participate in a competitive environment on the field. Players will learn the rules of the game, player safety, good sportsmanship and life skills that will set them up for success.